Shifter is a proxy service provider founded in 2012. Based in San Jose, California, the company provides high-quality representation primarily to individuals and businesses.

In the early days of its establishment, Shifter competed with the well-known proxy service provider Luminati Networks through its flagship product StormProxies. Over time, Shifter gradually became an independent and powerful proxy company, and began to independently develop and sell its own proxy products.

Range Features
IP type Residential/Data Center
Pricing Port
Price Sample 10 ports – $125 (monthly)
IP Pool 26 million
proxy Agreement HTTP(S) and Socks5
IP Rotation sticky session (time)
Filter/Target Country
Authentication IP authentication and username/password
Speed average
Try it for free No
Refund Policy 3 days
Support Contact form and detailed FAQ
Jurisdiction United Kingdom

In addition, Shifter is committed to providing customers with reliable, fast, safe and stable proxy services. To this end, they continuously innovate and optimize technology and services to ensure customer satisfaction forever, and have won extensive customer support from all over the world.

1Shifter price

As a proxy service tool, Shifter adopts the strategy of charging by traffic. It provides different versions of services for users to choose, and sets the corresponding price according to the needs of users. Among its most popular and affordable plans is its "Starters" plan, which provides users with 20GB of data transfer per month for $75 a month.


And when users need more data, they can upgrade to other plans, such as "Basic", "Professional" or "Enterprise", these plans The monthly traffic can range from 1TB to 5TB, and the price is correspondingly higher.

  • Note that Shifter does not offer a free trial program or money-back guarantee , please carefully weigh your needs and budget before use.
  • Shifter price plan

    Dynamic House Static Home SneakersRecommended


    $0.6 /GB

    $3.00 /month

    $3.00 /month

    Support static IP

    Support dynamic IP

    Unlimited bandwidth

    Shifter discount link

    2Shifter speed

    In order to complete the Proxy Shifter speed test, we had to have their residential proxy use the Speedtest tool to determine its download and upload speed, as this is also an important factor for many proxy users. Again, the result we got is acceptable, even if it's not the fastest.

    Dynamic Home
    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    123 msLatency      77.15Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    Static home
    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    84 msLatency      67.25Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    45 msDelay       56.01Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    3Shifter supports countries

    Shifter is a proxy service provider, providing users with high-speed, high-quality proxy services. It mainly provides two types of proxy services: shared proxy and dedicated proxy. Shared proxy plans are suitable for light users, they are cheap and reliable.
    The dedicated proxy plan is more suitable for users with large-scale data collection needs. The dedicated proxy has faster speed and more stable connection, and provides more comprehensive support and higher bandwidth limit. In addition, Shifter also provides an intelligent route selection function to ensure that users can get the best network experience.

    static residential proxy, Data Center Proxy, Sneaker Proxy
    often out of stock

    US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark
    Japan, India, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal


    4Shifter advantage

    Shifter is a well-known proxy service provider with a good reputation and status in the market. Here are the advantages of Shifter:

    High stability of Shifter

    Shifter has a large and robust server network with many servers spread across the globe.

    Shifter multiple randomization options

    Shifter's service can provide a variety of proxy options according to user needs, such as filtering by country, city or other rules.

    Shifter high-speed proxy

    Even under heavy load, Shifter can provide users with relatively fast proxy connections.

    Shifter has rich sources

    Shifter obtains IP addresses from a variety of sources, including data centers and individual clients.

    Shifter supports multiple protocols

    Shifter provides various types of protocols (such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS) to meet the different needs of users. It should be noted that Shifter provides the only patented rotation IP method in the world. This technology can make Your program randomly browses the Internet like a human being, making it harder to be blocked by anti-crawler strategies.


    5Disadvantages of Shifter

    Shifter is a well-known proxy service provider with a good reputation and status in the market. The following are the disadvantages of Shifter:

    Shifter cost is high

    Shifter is one of the high-priced proxy services. Therefore, it is not suitable for all user needs from a cost perspective.

    Shifter is not easy to refund

    Shifter allows you to request a refund within three days for accounts that haven't been used, but it can be more challenging on an annual subscription.

    Shifter authorization time is short

    Although Shifter can be used to use the proxy for a duration of 6 to 12 hours, this time may not be sufficient for some complex tasks.

    Shifter limits user access rate

    Shifter monitors the connection speed of the proxy. When there are too many connections and the data transmission is too large, it will automatically reduce the bandwidth of the user access line, which leads to a reduction in the efficiency of subsequent operations.

    To sum up, Shifter's service quality is very good, but its cost is relatively high.


    Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Shifter proxies:

    What is Shifter?

    Shifter is a company that provides high-speed proxy services (including general proxy, data center proxy, rotation proxy, etc.), aiming to provide users with privacy protection and a better Internet experience.

    What are the advantages of Shifter?

    Shifter's proxy servers are stable, fast, geographically diverse, have good privacy protection measures, and can customize the best solution based on user statistics.

    Is there any disadvantage of Shifter?

    Shifter may not provide perfect stability for some applications, while the price is relatively high.

    What is the proxy price of Shifter?

    Shifter's proxy prices vary depending on the type and quantity of proxy selected. The basic package starts from $125 per month, and the higher the volume, the lower the unit price.

    Can Shifter cope with the needs of reptiles and anti-picking?

    Shifter can provide various types of proxies to help users deal with crawlers, anti-pickup and other scenarios that require anonymous access or prevent being banned.

    How is the customer support for Shifter?

    Shifter offers 24/7 customer support, and you can reach its customer service team via live chat, email, phone, etc. for assistance.

    In short, as a professional high-end proxy provider, Shifter provides a one-stop proxy service solution, which is a resource worth investing in.

    Summary of Shifter Evaluation

    In general, as a professional proxy tool, Shifter optimizes the client console, supports multiple protocols, and has excellent overseas IP resources and patented technologies. On the other hand, it is relatively expensive and sometimes suffers from lag and throttling issues.

    Comprehensive trade-offs are obviously worth recommending. If you need to pay equal attention to scale and functions, and there are no special restrictions on price, then we think Shifter is a very good proxy solution overall.