IP Royale is a proxy service provider that is extremely friendly to the China region, offering a range of proxy solutions including residential, data center, 4G mobile and sneaker proxies. Its residential proxy solutions stand out and are very attractive, Its price is also the most attractive in its class.

IPRoyal is a top-notch proxy provider that excels when it comes to security. For starters, IPRoyal offers SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS proxies with different encryption levels.

In addition, IPRoyal's proxy provides a high level of anonymity, preventing other entities from tracking your internet usage. This also helps protect your sensitive information and data from prying eyes. Plus, two-factor authentication is available to protect your account.

1IPRoyal price

IPRoyal offers several subscription options. Its high-end residential proxy service starts at $0.80 per GB of bandwidth and includes a dynamic IP address. Static residential proxy starts at $4.00 per 30 days with unlimited bandwidth.

Sneaker Proxy are specifically designed to help you make quick or multiple purchases of sneakers and other products that may sell out within minutes of release. Pricing starts at $1.00 for 24 hours of use and $2.50 for 30 days.

  • What is a sneaker proxy A sneaker proxy is designed An proxy compatible with shopping and ticketing special web page hang-up software. Typically, sneaker proxies are residential proxies that are used by bots to open stable connections to various online stores around the world.
  • hosting

    4G mobile proxies (starting at $80 per month with 12-month commitment) are limited and only available in Lithuania, Romania, and UK locations. With the 50 proxy package ($10 per month), you get access to data center proxies for as low as $0.20 per proxy.

    IPRoyal Price Plan

    Dynamic House Static Home Sneakersrecommended 4G Mobile


    $7.00 /GB
    $2.50 /month
    $1.00 /month
    $2.00 /month

    Support static IP

    Support dynamic IP

    Unlimited bandwidth

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    2IPRoyal speed

    IPRoyal acquires residential proxies through a proxy software application called IPRoyal Pawns. For a while, it simultaneously resold proxy infrastructure while trying to build its own pool. The sources terminated the contract abruptly, but IPRoyal was able to get back on its feet and now controls a network of around 250,000 monthly residential addresses.

    4G mobile
    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    120 msDelay     27.15Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    Dynamic Home
    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    254 msLatency      167.15Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    Static home
    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    1125 msLatency      67.25Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    Access webpages via fingerprint browser

    1453 msLatency       7.01Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

    3Countries supported by IPRoyal

    What makes IPRoyal service stand out is that it offers proxies in almost every country on earth. These geo-specific proxies are great for bypassing geo-blocking restrictions, allowing access to content from other regions.
    In more detail, IPRoyal offers over 2 million "ethically sourced" proxies in 195 countries, and another 6 million IPs through data centers and sneaker proxies.

    static residential proxy, Data Center Proxy, Sneaker Proxy
    often out of stock

    United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark
    Singapore, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India
    Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal


    4 Advantages and disadvantages of IPRoyal

    IPRoyal is the foreign proxy provider I have used the most. When software robots visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other foreign social media in large numbers, IPRoyal still performs well, but there are many shortcomings. It is obvious that it is often out of stock!

    IPRoyal advantage

    Great Customer Support, it's 24/7 live chat with support staff who know their stuff.
    Works on almost any device, you can use proxy settings to connect it to anything.
    It can be used in China, and the support staff told me that there are currently several people using these proxies in China.
    Unlock a large number of platforms. I was able to unblock every major streaming platform using IPRoyal.

    IPRoyal Disadvantage

    The speed is average, the speed of each proxy I tested is not very stable!
    There are fewer IP pools, and IPRoyal proxy IPs are often out of stock. If you need to buy in large quantities, you need to consult customer service in advance.
    Customer support is terrible, the customer service dialogs use machine translation, which often does not express the user's meaning accurately.


    IPRoyal Evaluation Summary

    The advantage of Residential IP is that you can access any regional network worldwide, so they can provide you with access to almost any content. Geographic restrictions are no longer an issue once you have proxies in dozens of different countries.

    So, in essence, Residential IPs are high-quality, highly anonymous proxies that get things done where other IPs can't. The best solution (in terms of functionality and ease of use) is a reverse connection proxy that automatically switches between IPs at regular intervals or after each request.