Proxy Cheap is a company that provides high-quality proxy services. They provide many different types of proxy servers, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols. In addition, they also provide services such as private proxy, shared proxy and rotating proxy. These proxy servers are distributed all over the world, allowing customers to choose which location of the server to use to protect their privacy and obtain a better network experience.

parameter feature
IPtype ResidentialIP
Charge price bandwidth
price sample From 1.75 dollar/GB (buy 10TB)
proxyprotocol HTTP(S) andSOCKS5
verify username and password
IP Location More than 195 locations
Instagram compatibility compatible
speed super fast
support Quick - live chat available
refund policy 24 hours
Intellectual Property Replacement 24 hours
P2P/torrent No
companycountry unpublished

In addition, Proxy Cheap also provides 24/7 technical support service to help customers solve any problems and difficulties. In short, Proxy Cheap is a reliable proxy service provider for business, suitable for user groups who need high-speed and reliable proxy。

1Proxy Cheap price

The price of Proxy Cheap depends on the proxy type and service level you choose. Here are some examples of No plans: sharedHTTPandHTTPSproxy: starting at $5 per month, and supports up to 10 concurrent connections. Rotating Residentialproxy: Starting at $15 per month, including 5 GB of traffic and 5 concurrent connections. Private Residentialproxy: starting at $50 per month, including 20 GB traffic and 30 concurrent connections。

Compared with other proxy services providing business, the price of Proxy Cheap can be said to be quite reasonable and affordable. Although the service offers businessNo is the cheapest, but their proxy server has high quality and various functions and options, with strong flexibility。

Proxy CheapProxy IP

Proxy Cheap also offers many great discounts to help customers save even more money. For example, they offer long-term purchase plans, regular sales promotions, and more. In conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality and affordable proxy service provider, then Proxy Cheap may be a No wrong choice。

IPRoyal price plan

IPv4 proxy static Residentia lproxy data centerproxyrecommend 4G mobile


$1.99 /month

$3.49 /month

$0.40 /month

$50.00 /month



Unlimited bandwidth

30 Mbps
Proxy CheapOffer link

2Proxy Cheapspeed

Proxy Cheap The speed is usually faster, but it depends on the physical location of the specific proxy server you are using, the current load situation and other factors. If you choose a nearby server or buy a high-bandwidth server, you will most likely get better speed.

Access web pages through fingerprint browser

120 mstime delay     27.15downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

Access web pages through fingerprint browser

254 mstime delay      167.15downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

Access web pages through fingerprint browser

1125 mstime delay      32.25downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

data centerproxy
Access web pages through fingerprint browser

1453 mstime delay       68.01downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

3Proxy Cheapsupportcountry

Proxy Cheap Various data center options from multiple country areas are provided, and you can choose the most suitable proxy server for you according to your needs. The following are some data centers currently provided by Proxy Cheap
The above are just some of the data center options. If you need data center in other areas, it is recommended that you contact Proxy Cheap's customer support team to obtain more information. Note that different data centers may have different pricing and service characteristics。

staticResidentialProxy IP、data centerproxy、IPv4proxy
Fast speed, cheap price



4Proxy CheapAdvantage

Proxy Cheap It is a full-featured, superior performance, easy-to-use, safe and reliable proxy solution provider business, providing users with high-quality, diversified and worldwide coverage of proxy products and services。

Proxy Cheapsupport diverse typeproxy

Proxy Cheap provides various types of proxy services, including data center proxy, residential proxy and 4G/LTE proxy, etc., to meet the needs of No users for proxy products。

Proxy Cheapdata center covers worldwide

Proxy Cheap Provide proxy services worldwide, and have data centers in multiple country areas, users can choose the most suitable location to use proxy services according to their needs。

Proxy Cheap High speed and stability

Proxy Cheap The proxy server uses high-quality hardware and network equipment to ensure its fast and stable performance, and has been tested and verified many times.

Proxy Cheap easy to use

Proxy Cheap's proxy service is easy to purchase, configure and use, and you can easily get started without complicated technical knowledge. In addition, Proxy Cheap also provides professional customer support to solve problems encountered by users。

Proxy Cheap security privacy

Proxy Cheap provides a secure and private proxy service to protect users' online privacy and security, avoiding being tracked or monitored。

Proxy Cheap has good scalability

Proxy Cheap's proxy products have good scalability, and users can easily expand the number of servers and bandwidth according to their needs. At the same time, Proxy Cheap also provides a powerful API, which is convenient for users to manage and control proxy services。


5Proxy Cheapdisadvantage

Although Proxy Cheap provides excellent proxy solutions and services, there are still some shortcomings. Therefore, when choosing an proxy service, users should weigh its advantages and disadvantages according to their own needs, and choose the most suitable solution for them。

Proxy Cheap usage restrictions

Proxy Cheap has set some usage restrictions in its service, such as the maximum number of concurrent connections for each proxy package, which may not be enough for those users who need to make a large number of concurrent requests。

Proxy Cheap data centerproxy is easy to detect

Proxy Cheap's data center proxy is easily detected as an proxy by the website because of its single source. If you need to surf the Internet anonymously, it is recommended to use other types of proxy, such as Residential proxy or 4G/LTE proxy。

Proxy Cheap higher price

Proxy Cheap Compared with other proxy services, Proxy Cheap's higher price. For those on a budget, this can be a barrier to using them。

6common problem

You will encounter these problems while using Proxy Cheap, I will list a few for you, and you can consult it in my way!

What is Proxy Cheap?

Proxy Cheap is a platform that provides proxy services. They offer various types of proxies including Data Center Proxy, Residential Proxy, 4G/LTEproxy etc.。

Proxy Which countries does Cheap support proxies??

Proxy Cheap Provide proxy around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions, users can choose the appropriate proxy according to their needs.

How to use Proxy Cheap proxy?

Users need to purchase the corresponding proxy package on the Proxy Cheap website, and configure it in their own program according to the provided tutorial to use it.

Proxy How is the price of Cheap calculated?

Proxy Cheap Proxy prices vary according to different proxy types, IP types and the number of proxies. Users can check the prices and contents of different packages on the Proxy Cheap website.

Can I apply to change my proxy CheapProxy IP?

Yes, users can change proxy servers at any time, just update their program's proxy settings and rerun.

Proxy Does Cheap support refunds?

If the user for the Proxy If you are not satisfied with Cheap's proxy service, you can apply for a refund within 7 days of purchase. However, details regarding refunds may vary depending on the agency package purchased by the user, and users are advised to read the terms of service before purchasing.

Proxy Cheap Review Summarize

Proxy Cheap provides various types of proxy, no proxy of the same country and area, which allows users to flexibly choose proxy according to their needs. Proxy Cheap's proxy packages are reasonably priced, and purchasing is easy and fast. Users only need to submit an order and make a payment to get an proxy easily. Compared with other proxy service business, I found that because the proxy server provided by Proxy Cheap is of high quality, the connection speed is fast, and the connection is rarely interrupted, which is very important for me to collect and process data and other tasks。

I think the biggest advantage of the proxy service provided by Proxy Cheap is the proxy with high stability, reasonable price and various types. At the same time, it should be noted that using the proxy requires certain technical knowledge, and Proxy Cheap does not provide a free trial option. But in general, if you need to process or collect massive amounts of data, please consider trying Proxy Cheap's proxy service。