The most stable access scheme of Korean proxy IP is private proxy IP and residential proxy IP (static or dynamic), if you need to visit Korean shopping websites, such as NAVER, Daum, Line, you can choose sports shoes proxy, his pointing It is stronger and can let you access the Internet as a Korean authenticator!

If you work on the Korean network? First of all, you need to understand what your purpose of using Korean proxy IP is. In this article, I focus on analyzing the advantages of Korean proxy IP and the related quotations of Korean proxy IP. South Korea is an Asian country. Many companies choose this South Korea to set up their own proxy IP data center. You can access any Internet with Korean authentication through these proxy IPs!

The general price of Korean residential proxy IP!

A Korean Residential Proxy is an IP address provided by an ISP or Internet Service Provider. For many online activities, a residential proxy is your best bet.

Sometimes the proxy provider will charge you $1 for 1 GB, while other providers will charge you $20.

How much you end up spending on IP addresses depends on how much you buy, and whether you are prepared to enter into a long-term contract.

The average cost is around $8 per GB. We must also mention that if you are not a company, you may not be able to get a free trial.

Korean static residential proxy

If you work on the Korean network? First of all, you need to understand what your purpose of using Korean proxy IP is. In this article, I focus on analyzing the advantages of Korean proxy IP
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Proxy-Seller provides easy-to-use and affordable service, suitable for personal mass use, all proxies are exclusive, IPv4 proxies from 16 countries, 100 networks and 300 subnets, from IPv6 proxy in 8 countries, mobile proxy from Ukraine, 24/7 technical support, support for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS connections, convenient web console control panel

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $2.91/ proxy /month
  • IPv4 proxy IP: $2.076/proxy/month
  • IPv6 proxy IP: $0.12/proxy/month
  • Mobile proxy IP: $80/proxy /month


The locations and territories covered by Smartproxy are getting bigger all the time, and when you compare them to the vast majority of other proxy providers, they remain one of the best. Also cheaper. What's more, they offer extra features, including rotations that can be done in-house, so you get a safer service.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static data center proxy IP: $2.50/proxy/month
  • Residential proxy IP: $12.5/GB
  • Shared data center proxy IP: $10.00/100 proxy+ $950 2TB/month

3Proxy Cheap

Proxy Cheap is to provide affordable residential proxy IP, more than 6 million residential IP addresses. Buy an proxy , access the dashboard, and within 5 seconds you're on your way. Set up your accounts, browsers, software and any other device with complete ease using our user-friendly proxy generator.

  • Support HTTP, SOCKS5
  • Data center proxy IP: $0.30/proxy
  • Static residential proxy IP: $3.49/proxy /month
  • 3G/4G mobile proxy IP: $50.00/month
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $3/GB

4Proxy Ipv4

Proxy IPv4's ISP static proxies are a premier option for Instagram users seeking reliable and exclusive proxy services. Offering various locations across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, they present four distinct proxy types: IPv4 private, IPv6 private, ISP and mobile proxies.

Each proxy is dedicated and private, ensuring unparalleled speed, stable performance, and minimal ping without sharing with other users during the rental period. With support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, alongside HTTP(s) and SOCKS, their versatility suits various application needs on Instagram.

  • support:HTTP(S)、SOCKS5
  • Proxy IPV4: $0.45 for 3 days
  • Proxy IPV6: $0.81 for 3 days
  • Proxy ISP: $0.53 for 3 days
  • Mobile Proxy: $27 for 3 days

The service's simple user interface simplifies usage, minimizing the need for guidance, even for first-time users. Despite lacking a free trial, Proxy IPv4 ensures fair pricing with flexible rental periods, discounts for heavy users, and a refund policy within 24 hours of purchase, emphasizing customer satisfaction.
The responsive customer support team, available via live chat, email, and social media platforms, ensures constant maintenance and addresses user queries promptly. Additionally, Proxy IPv4's extensive network coverage, constant server monitoring, and absence of speed limits make it an ideal choice for Instagram users seeking dependable and high-performance static proxies.


Nimbleway, established in 2019 by IoT specialists in Israel, offers an all-in-one solution for data gathering, combining a web scraping API, an automation browser, and a proxy network in one package. Nimble IP, their proxy network, includes premium residential, datacenter, and 4G proxies, with rotating residential and dedicated datacenter options and sticky session support.

Dual authentication methods (username/password or IP whitelist) ensure secure connections. The service boasts millions of IPs worldwide, advanced geo-targeting, rotating/sticky sessions, unlimited bandwidth for datacenter proxies, HTTP/S and SOCKS5 proxy protocol support.

  • Support:HTTP/S, SOCKS5, Whitelist
  • Essential:$600/month
  • Advanced:$1600/month
  • Professional:$3600/month

The platform caters to businesses and heavy proxy users, featuring four plans including the API, browser, and proxies. Nimbleway offers a 14-day 22 GB live trial and a 15% annual discount. Payments can be made via PayPal or major credit cards, with options for alternative payment methods upon contacting the account executive.


Proxy Sale is a proxy service, providing users access to proxies in approximately 43 global locations, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. The platform's pricing model distinguishes itself with flexibility, offering options for weekly rentals, monthly subscriptions, and extended durations of up to 360 days.

This flexibility allows users to tailor their proxy plans to specific needs, whether for short-term projects or longer commitments. The service supports various proxy types, including IPv4, IPv6, ISP, mobile, and residential proxies, with support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. The proxy speeds can reach up to 1 Gbps, ensuring stable operation for browsers and various programs.

  • Support:HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • IPv4 Proxy: $1.8
  • IPv6 Proxy: $1.6
  • ISP: $2.9
  • Mobile: $90
  • Resident Proxy IP: $7

Proxy Sale's proxies guarantee exclusivity and stability, with round-the-clock technical support available for assistance on any issues. Proxy Sale offers free proxies suitable for more simpler tasks and supports authorization by username/password or IP, along with city/state selection for geolocation customization. The platform's communication channels include email, social media handles, and live chat support for user inquiries and assistance.

7Proxy Empire

ProxyEmpire offers over 5.3 million rotating residential proxies ethically sourced and equipped with advanced filtering features to buy static residential proxies (ISPs) in over 21 countries.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static residential proxy IP: $2.00/proxy/month+ $15/GB
  • Dynamic data center proxy IP: $0.625/GB
  • Dynamic Mobile Proxy IP: $30.00/GB
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $15/GB

8Rayobyte (out of stock in Korea)

Rayobyte (formerly known as Blazing SEO) started out as a data center proxy provider with data centers in Korea as well, but quickly expanded into the residential proxy space. They offer very cheap residential proxies that more people want to try. Their data center proxies are available in 27 countries.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Static residential proxy IP: $4.60/proxy/month
  • Data center proxy IP: $1.88/proxy
  • Mobile Proxy IP: $50.00/month/2GB
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $15/GB

Blazing Proxies now offers 3 different types of proxies in more than 10 countries including USA, Germany, Brazil and South Africa, Korea. This is a very interesting set of geographies. Typically, proxy providers will only offer US and UK locations, and occasionally a Canadian location. The fact that they offer locations in South America makes them a bit of a freshener in the acting world. So, if your needs require server locations from Latin America or South Africa, this is one of the only providers that offers those options.

9NetNut proxies

NetNut is one of the fastest-growing proxy networks in the world today with over 52M+ residential IPs sourced from real end-user devices around the world. It has a significant presence in Asia as well, and thousands of clean Korean IPs to choose from. NetNut should be able to help you access even the most restricted but important data from Korea without much work.

  • supportSupport HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $350/20GB/month
  • Rotating Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $300/20GB/Month
  • Datacenter proxy IP: $100/100GB/month
  • Mobile proxy IP: $600/50GB/month

NetNut offers highly affordable proxy services for their Korea IPs, beginning at just $350 per month for 20GB bandwidth. While pricier packages provide even more data, all plans come with value-added features like email support and IP whitelisting. NetNut adds a 7-day free trial which just adds to the appeal, making it an excellent proxy service not only for your Korean endeavors but throughout the Asian continent as well. NetNut's proxies are designed to keep your online information safe and secure, protecting you from possible identification that could result in restrictions and bans. Their IP addresses are no different from those of regular Korean internet users IP addresses, which makes it hard to tell them apart, even for smart computer programs and security systems. Some of the common ways professionals and businesses use NetNut's dedicated Korean IP are Market Research, Web Data Extraction, Social Media Management, Email Protection, and Travel Aggregation.


There are very few service providers in South Korea. The advantage of Korean Residential IP is that you can access any regional network worldwide, so they can provide you with access to almost any content. Geographic restrictions are no longer an issue once you have proxies in dozens of different countries.

Korea proxy IPs are relatively cheap, and residential IPs are high-quality, highly anonymous proxies that get the job done where other IPs can't. The best solution (in terms of functionality and ease of use) is a reverse connection proxy that automatically switches between IPs at regular intervals or after each request.