Over the past few years, businesses and developers have increasingly turned to proxies for a variety of reasons such as data scraping, SEO monitoring, brand protection, and ad verification. However, as the use of proxies has grown, so too has the need for more advanced types of proxies that can provide a higher level of anonymity and security. This is where static residential proxies come in.

Static residential proxies are IP addresses that are assigned to fixed locations or physical devices, such as laptops and smartphones. When you use a static residential proxy, it appears that you are accessing the internet from a device at a specific location. This type of proxy provides a higher level of anonymity compared to other types of proxies since they use real devices as opposed to virtual servers. In this article, we will look at 13+ of the best US static residential proxies that can help you access the internet anonymously and avoid detection.

Best US Static Residential proxy of 2024

A static residential proxy IP is one of the most secure and efficient options on the market. In this article, we will explore the best US static residential proxy IP providers in 2024, based on their performance, customer support, and pricing.


Proxy-Seller provides easy-to-use and affordable service, suitable for personal mass use, all proxies are exclusive, IPv4 proxies from 16 countries, 100 networks and 300 subnets, from IPv6 proxy in 8 countries, mobile proxy from Ukraine, 24/7 technical support, support for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS connections, convenient web console control panel

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $2.91/ proxy /month
  • IPv4 proxy IP: $2.076/proxy/month
  • IPv6 proxy IP: $0.12/proxy/month
  • Mobile proxy IP: $80/proxy /month

Supported countries:


The locations and territories covered by Smartproxy are getting bigger all the time, and when you compare them to the vast majority of other proxy providers, they remain one of the best. Also cheaper. What's more, they offer extra features, including rotations that can be done in-house, so you get a safer service.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static data center proxy IP: $2.50/proxy/month
  • Residential proxy IP: $12.5/GB
  • Shared data center proxy IP: $10.00/100 proxy+ $950 2TB/month

3Proxy Cheap

Proxy Cheap is to provide affordable residential proxy IP, more than 6 million residential IP addresses. Buy an proxy , access the dashboard, and within 5 seconds you're on your way. Set up your accounts, browsers, software and any other device with complete ease using our user-friendly proxy generator.

  • Support HTTP, SOCKS5
  • Data center proxy IP: $0.30/proxy
  • Static residential proxy IP: $3.49/proxy /month
  • 3G/4G mobile proxy IP: $50.00/month
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $3/GB

4Proxy Ipv4

Known for its private proxies, this service offers not only IPv4 but also IPv6, ISP, and mobile proxies. Supporting HTTPS(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, it provides good location coverage across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Proxy-IPv4 proxies are dedicated, ensuring no sharing with others. Its pricing is flexible, with affordable options for private proxies and discounts for heavy users. However, mobile proxies are comparatively pricey.

  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Proxy IPV4: $0.45 for 3 days
  • Proxy IPV6: $0.81 for 3 days
  • Proxy ISP: $0.53 for 3 days
  • Mobile Proxy: $27 for 3 days

Authentication options include username/password or IP whitelisting. There is no free trial, and refunds are limited to service-related issues. The user interface is simple and intuitive, minimizing unnecessary details. Responsive live chat support is available for customer assistance. With multiple network and subnet bans, it ensures security against subnet bans. High-speed performance is maintained across proxies, using non-blacklisted IPs with low spam scores.


Established in 2019 by a team with extensive IoT experience, Nimbleway is an Israeli-based company specializing in web scraping and proxy services. Its platform offers a suite of powerful tools tailored for efficient data collection and analysis from websites.Nimbleway offers a wide range of proxy types, including datacenter, residential, and 4G proxies. Nimbleway stands out for its intuitive, fast, and reliable performance, providing high-speed proxies and APIs to facilitate seamless data scraping.

  • Support: HTTP(S), SOCKS5, Whitelist
  • Essential: $600/month
  • Advanced: $1600/month
  • Professional: $3600/month
  • Mobile Proxy: $27 for 3 days

Proxies are competitively priced, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Nimbleway also allows users to select between IP whitelist and username/password authentication methods, providing flexibility and security. The service offers a generous 22 GB free trial, enabling users to fully explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription.

6Proxy Empire

ProxyEmpire offers over 5.3 million rotating residential proxies ethically sourced and equipped with advanced filtering features to buy static residential proxies (ISPs) in over 21 countries.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static residential proxy IP: $2.00/proxy /month+ $15/GB
  • Dynamic data center proxy IP: $0.625/GB
  • Dynamic Mobile Proxy IP: $30.00/GB
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $15/GB

7NetNut proxies

The United States is a vital market, and NetNut ensures you have a strong presence there, allowing you to access the web as if your business is based within the country. NetNut's Reliable Static Residential proxies, with over 2.3 million IPs in the U.S. alone, provide comprehensive coverage for various data-driven tasks, including SEO monitoring, social media management, market research, and web data extraction. These static IPs enable you to confidently and anonymously study the very important U.S. market data, ensuring you have the vital insights needed to develop your business strategy.

  • support: Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $350/20GB/month
  • Rotating Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): $300/20GB/Month
  • Datacenter proxy IP: $100/100GB/month
  • Mobile proxy IP: $950/50GB/month

Thanks to NetNut's one-hop ISP technology, guarantees uninterrupted access to the U.S. data market with 24/7 availability, ensuring your web sessions remain private, secure, and limitless - even if you're not physically present in the United States. This allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and rivals, both globally and locally as you formulate strategic moves in the international U.S. markets.
For just $350, you can arm yourself with a multitude of U.S. IPs, making it one of the best starter plans for accessing the country's data efficiently. To top it all, their starter 7-day trial also works in the U.S.A too! Typically free, card, and painless process to get started with NetNut services.


Proxy Sale is an online proxy service provider that provides high-quality, stable and secure proxies to protect users' online privacy, unblock restricted content or conduct activities such as web crawlers and automated programs. proxy Sale's proxy types include data center proxy and residential proxy, and users can choose different proxy types according to their needs.

  • support HTTP(S), SOCKS5, whitelist
  • IPv4 Proxy: $1.4/proxy/month
  • IPv6 Proxy: $0.14/proxy/month

In addition, proxy sale also provides a variety of protocols and authentication options to ensure that the user's proxy experience is smoother and more secure. Proxy sale provides a well-organized price plan and has a professional customer support team to help users solve problems quickly when needed.


IPRoyal is the most recommended American proxy solution on Youtube. It is not only cheap, but also has many proxy countries and regions. I have also tested it myself. IPRoyal US proxy is indeed very stable. In terms of performance, their The test results are not bad, our sneaker proxy is more cost-effective, and the price of each sneaker proxy is about 2.5 US dollars.

  • Static residential proxy IP: $2.40/proxy/month
  • Data center proxy IP: $1.39/proxy
  • Sneakers proxy IP: $1.00/proxy
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $1.75/GB


Rayobyte (formerly Blazing SEO) started as a data center proxy provider but quickly expanded into the residential proxy space. They offer very cheap residential proxies that more people want to try. Their data center proxies are available in 27 countries.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Static residential proxy IP: $4.60/proxy/month
  • Data center proxy IP: $1.88/proxy
  • Mobile proxy IP: $50.00/month/2GB
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $15/GB

Blazing Proxies now offers 3 different types of proxies in 4 countries: USA, Germany, Brazil and South Africa. This is a very interesting set of geographies. Typically, proxy providers will only offer US and UK locations, and occasionally a Canadian location. The fact that they offer locations in South America makes them a bit of a freshener in the acting world. So, if your needs require server locations from Latin America or South Africa, this is one of the only providers that offers those options.

11Asocks (dynamic proxy)

ASocks is one of the fastest growing names in the proxy service provider world. We provide our users with unlimited fast residential proxies. Contains a list of 150+ countries and the cheapest full tariff without compromising quality or security. Let's be honest, users actually only pay for the traffic they consume. Unlike competitors, users don't have to pay for services they don't use.

  • support SOCKS5,HTTP/HTTPS
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $3/GB

12High Proxies

High Proxies can help you as a residential proxy provider with many different proxy types and trust their highly anonymous HTTPS proxy with fast connection speeds, and a completely hassle-free setup. They offer their clients a dedicated and fast HTTP and HTTPS data center proxy where you can benefit from up to 100 concurrent connections at the same time.

  • supports HTTP/HTTPS
  • Private proxy IP: $2.07/proxy /month
  • Shared proxy IP: $0.981/proxy
  • Social media proxy IP: $2.88/proxy
  • Shopping proxy IP: $3.15/proxy


Oxylabs is a well-known residential proxy provider with over 70 million IP addresses worldwide. They allow you to filter by region, which will help you find the best proxy for your project. With a large proxy pool, you can easily overcome geographical restrictions by accessing residential IP addresses from all over the world.

  • Static residential proxy IP: $2.9/proxy /month
  • Static data center proxy IP: $1.8/proxy
  • Dynamic Residential Proxy IP: $10/GB
  • Dynamic data center proxy IP: $0.55/GB

Oxylabs is a good residential proxy option if you want to scrape the web and want to choose from multiple IP addresses.

They have over 102 million IP addresses in their pool and are geo-targeted to many different cities and countries around the world.

They say they are one of the best providers when it comes to web scraping and with these guys you have the option to target cities.
Keep in mind that for such a proxy provider, you will pay a premium, it is very expensive.
However, they are very reliable and offer a free trial.
However, we don't think you'll have any problems using this service, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


StormProxies seems to focus more on the needs of indie developers. They cost much less and are a great choice if you're also learning how to make your first spatula.

  • supports HTTP/HTTPS whitelist
  • Senior private proxy IP: $3.00/proxy
  • Sneakers proxy IP: $2.00/proxy
  • Dynamic residential proxy IP: $19.00/proxy
  • Dynamic proxy IP: 10 threads $14


HypeProxy is providing an excellent service. Everything works, all IPs are of high quality, support is excellent, documentation is clear, proxying is fast. It is one of the best proxy services on the market. High Quality European 4G Dedicated Proxy | Specially Designed for Instagram Automation - Increase Your Trust and Avoid Action Blocking and Phone Verification.

  • Support HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Static Residential Proxy IP (ISP Proxy): € 3.40 /proxy /month
  • (4G) mobile proxy IP: € 55/proxy /month

Supported countries:

What is a residential proxy IP?

A residential proxy IP is an IP address that is associated with a physical device or location. These types of proxies are often used to hide the identity and location of the user accessing the internet. Residential proxy IPs are different from datacenter proxy IPs which are generated by servers in data centers. Residential proxies are usually supplied by internet service providers (ISPs) to homeowners or businesses. When you use a residential proxy, your internet traffic appears to be coming from a residential location, making it more difficult for websites to detect that you are using a proxy. This can be useful in a variety of contexts such as web scraping, ad verification, and bypassing geo-restrictions.

What is a residential IP?

What are the main applications of US residential proxy IP?

Residential proxy IPs from the US can be used in a variety of applications. Some of the main applications of US residential proxy IP are:

Web Scraping: Residential proxies are often used for web scraping, as they allow users to access data from websites without being detected and blocked.

Ad Verification: Advertisers use residential proxies to verify that their ads are being displayed correctly, and to detect fraud and click-bots.

Social Media Management: Residential proxies can also be used by social media managers to manage multiple accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SEO Monitoring: Marketers often use residential proxies to monitor search engine rankings and analyze SEO metrics, such as keyword ranking, backlinks, and page speed.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: Users can use residential proxies to access content that is geographically restricted, such as streaming services, online games, and news sites.

US residential proxy IPs are useful for any application that requires anonymity, bypassing restrictions, or accessing large amounts of data from the internet while avoiding detection.

U.S. residential proxy IP general price!

A residential proxy is an IP address provided by an ISP or Internet Service Provider. For many online activities, a residential proxy is your best bet.

Sometimes the proxy provider will charge you $1 for 1 GB, while other providers will charge you $20.

How much you end up spending on IP addresses depends on how much you buy, and whether you are prepared to enter into a long-term contract.

The average cost is around $8 per GB. We must also mention that if you are not a company, you may not be able to get a free trial.


The advantage of Residential IP is that you can access any regional network worldwide, so they can provide you with access to almost any content. Geographic restrictions are no longer an issue once you have proxies in dozens of different countries.

So, in essence, Residential IPs are high-quality, highly anonymous proxies that get things done where other IPs can't. The best solution (in terms of functionality and ease of use) is a reverse connection proxy that automatically switches between IPs at regular intervals or after each request.