Proxy-seller based in Cyprus is a data center focused proxy provider popular with many small internet marketers. The company has proxies compatible with SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols. Very importantly, it's also one of the few proxy sellers that sells IPv6 proxies, a new breed of proxies that are cheaper than IPv4 - but have their own unique applications. It offers solutions that are easy to purchase and use.

Range Features
IP Type Data Center
Pricing Port
Sample Prices $0.79 for a single US proxy
Proxy Agreement HTTP(S) and Socks5
IP Rotation No - it is a static proxy provider
Filter/Target Country
Verify Username and password only
Speed average
Try it for free No
Refund Policy 24 hours
Support Live Chat + Support Ticket
Company Country Cyprus

Proxy-seller has a large number of users using their proxy. This is because they have some edge that prevents their customers from coming back every now and then. Some of these are discussed below. The number one advantage I see in proxy-sellers is the flexibility of their payment methods. The length of time you can keep proxies sold to you and the amount of proxies you can buy are very flexible.


Unlike most providers who only provide you proxies in a proxy port bundle, Proxy-seller has no maximum purchase limit that you can buy from them. The quantity you want to buy is up to you. However, the more proxy you have, the lower the proxy price you buy.

1Proxy-seller price

Proxy-Seller pricing depends on the country in which the proxies are located, with a reduction for purchasing a large number of proxies at once and/or purchasing proxies for a longer period of time. The base fee shown below is for 1 proxy for 1 week, with discounts of up to 40% available for bulk purchases.

For example, if you buy 100 proxy for 12 months - you will get a 27% discount. 15% discount on quantity, 12% discount on lease term.

IPv6 proxies are much cheaper than IPv4 proxies, starting at just $0.16 per month. This is because there are many of them, and support for the new standard is still poor.

Proxy-Seller also offers mobile proxies for selected Ukrainian telecom operators for $70 per month.

You can make purchases with debit or credit cards, PayPal, BitCoin, or PerfectMoney. Refunds are only available within 24 hours, though Proxy-Seller says that if the proxy has any technical issues, it can be replaced.

Proxy-seller price plan

IPv4 Proxy IPv6 proxy ISP ProxyRecommended 4G Mobile

Single price

$1.07 /month

$0.8 /month

$1.5 /month

$80.00 /month

Support static ip

Support dynamic ip

unlimited bandwidth

Proxy-Seller offer link

2Proxy-seller speed

Proxy-seller isn't breaking any records here. It's not one of the fastest proxies on the market. However, I found that they have proxies and their speed can be called average. We tested their proxy on many websites and the speeds we got were not something we could complain about. This is because in many cases there is no discernible difference between proxies that use them and those that do not. Unless the reason you need a proxy requires a very fast proxy, I don't think you'll have much of a speed issue with a proxy-seller proxy. Below is our speed test data.

4g mobile
Access webpages via fingerprint browser

65 mstime delay     27.15download speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

IPv6 Proxy
Access webpages via fingerprint browser

1254 msLatency      9.15Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

Static home
Access webpages via fingerprint browser

825 msLatency      67.25Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

IPv4 proxy
Access webpages via fingerprint browser

2453 msLatency       7.01Download Speed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

3Proxy-seller supports countries

Pricing for Proxy-seller proxies is slightly different from other data center proxies as they are fixed depending on the country you choose. Since these servers are located in several countries, there is a chart in Proxy-seller showing the pricing in different countries.

IPv6 proxy server
Canada $0,16 Cyprus $0,16
France $0,16 United Kingdom $0,16
Germany $0,16 United States $0,16
Netherlands $0,16
IPv4 proxy server Macedonia $2,32
Australia $2,41 Malaysia $1,79
Austria $2,08 Mexico $2,57
Bangladesh $2,32 Moldavia $2,57
Belarus $0,77 Netherlands $1,59
Belgium $1,55 Nigeria $2,00
Brazil $1,51 Norway $2,32
Bulgaria $1,51 Poland $1,59
Cambodia $2,00 Portugal $1,55
Canada $2,32 Romania $1,18
China $2,57 Cyprus $0,94
Cyprus $2,00 Serbia $1,18
Czech $2,57 Singapore $2,65
Finland $2,32 South Africa $2,00
France $1,79 South Korea $2,57
Georgia $0,77 Spain $1,02
Germany $1,59 Sweden $2,57
India $2,24 Switzerland $2,41
Indonesia $2,32 Taiwan $1,59
Iran $1,18 Thailand $1,55
Italy $2,57 Turkey $1,55
Japan $1,83 United Kingdom $2,57
Kazakhstan $1,59 United States 1.02
Latvia $2,57 Venezuela $2,57
Lithuania $1,02

4Proxy-seller advantages and disadvantages

Proxy-seller registration convenience is one of the biggest advantages of Proxy-seller. Registering a Proxy-seller account is very simple, click on the product to place an order to generate an account. Their user dashboard is very minimalistic with only a few options. They only support username and password authentication.

Proxy-seller advantages

The biggest advantage of Proxy-seller is the flexibility of their payment methods. You can buy a proxy for a week at the shortest time. There are 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.
Proxy-seller has no minimum purchase quantity, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets, you can enjoy up to 40% price reduction.
Proxy-seller data center especially many of them in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Cyprus, Ukraine, India, UK and other 50 proxy in 2 countries.
Proxy-seller's ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of Proxy-seller, registering an account and paying proxy fees are as easy as you can imagine. Their user dashboard is very minimalistic with only a few options. They only support username and password authentication.

Proxy-seller disadvantages

Proxy-seller is not compatible with some websites because they have strict anti-spam systems. Their proxy is not compatible with many sneaker sites and cannot watch movies on Netflix. If you need to use a proxy on these sites, Proxy-seller proxy is not for you.


Proxy-seller evaluation summary

Proxy-seller proxy is suitable for many websites. It also has flexible payment options and good location coverage. Proxy-seller has nearly 50 data centers around the world. Proxy-seller supports high-anonymity payment methods, which is very convenient and suitable for developers in any industry. However, you cannot use their proxy on some professional websites and Netflix because it is very easy to get blocked. Furthermore, the more properties you buy and the higher your consumption, the more official plans will be beneficial to you.

Their connection speeds and response times are also top-notch. If you need a highly secure proxy service that offers excellent anonymity, Proxy-Seller is the proxy for you. Also, keep in mind that Proxy-Sellers are pretty cheap. If you can't afford something like Bright Data, you should give it a try,