Smartproxy is a company that provides proxy IPServe, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. They provide high-quality, fast and reliable proxy IPServe to help users hide their real IP address and geographic Location targets。

The proxy IP types provided by Smartproxy are very diverse, including general data center proxy, residential proxy and mobile proxy and other types. In addition, they have a worldwide Server distribution, which can ensure that users get a high-quality proxy IPServe experience. In terms of use, Proxy IPsupport for Smartproxy HTTP、HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocol, and provides some tools to help users use their Serve more conveniently, such as browser plug-ins, API interfaces, proxy pools, etc.

parameter feature
IPtype Residential IP
Charge price bandwidth
price sample 2.50 dollarFrom / month (purchase 3)
proxy protocol HTTP(S) andSOCKS5
verify username and password
IP Location More than 195 locations
Instagram compatibility compatible
Sneakerscompatibility compatible
speed generally
support Quick - live chat available
refund policy 24 hours
Intellectual Property Replacement 24 hours
P2P/torrent No
companycountry Lithuania

If you need to use a proxy IP for data collection, website crawling, etc., Smartproxy is definitely one of the options worth considering. But it should be noted that when using proxy IP, you need to abide by the laws and regulations of the local and target websites, otherwise you may face legal risks。

1Smartproxy Price

Smartproxy provides a variety of billing plans to meet the needs of different users. The following are their current main billing plans: Initial plan - 75dollar/month,Includes 5 GB traffic and 10 concurrent threads. Heart of Business Plan - 200dollar/month, including 50 GB traffic and 20 concurrent threads。

Data Center Unlimited Plan - Pay 10dollar/month by IP, provide 100 IPs of data center proxy IP, and include 50GB of traffic。


SmartproxyThere are also plans billed by use time, such as 30 days, 60 days, etc. You can find specific price information on the official website. These prices may be higher if you need to use residential or mobile proxy Serve. Smartproxy also offers a free trial plan for customers to try their Serve without spending any money and make sure that it really meets the needs of customers。

Smartproxyprice plan

residential proxy mobile proxy dedicated data centerrecommend Shared Data Center Proxy


$12.5 /GB

$25 /GB

$2.50 /month

$0.10 /month



Unlimited bandwidth

SmartproxyOffer link

2Smartproxy speed

Smartproxy is a company that provides high-quality proxy servers. They have used more than 400,000 proxy IP addresses around the world and provide a variety of protocol and verification methods. The following are the results of my evaluation of Smartproxy proxy IPspeed:

Latency Test: We tested the latency (ping) time of Smartproxy proxy Server from the same country as No. Tests show that when connecting to proxy servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, the delay time is within 100ms, and the response speed is very fast。

Downloadspeed test: We tested the downloadspeed of the proxy Server by downloading files. When connecting to proxy servers located in the United States, Canada, Europe, etc., the average download speed is between 5-10MB/s, and the speed is very fast。

Stablize test: We have conducted a Stablize test on Smartproxy proxy IP for several hours, and the results show that the proxy IP is very stable, and there is no disconnection or other problems。

residential proxy
Access web pages through fingerprint browser

120 mstime delay     63.15downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

mobile proxy
Access web pages through fingerprint browser

254 mstime delay      27.15downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

dedicated data center
Access web pages through fingerprint browser

63 mstime delay      125.25downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

Shared Data Center Proxy
Access web pages through fingerprint browser

532 mstime delay       63.01downloadspeed (Mbps) Google Wikipedia Facebook IpLocation Whoer

3Smartproxy support country

Smartproxy provides data center proxies worldwide. The following is a list of data centers currently provided by Smartproxy, each area has multiple cities and thousands of independent data center IP addresses available for use。

residential proxy 、mobile proxy、dedicated data center、Shared Data Center Proxy
often out of stock

United States (US East, US West) Europe (UK, Germany, Netherlands, France) Asia (Japan, Singapore)
Australia Canada


4Smartproxy Advantage

Smartproxy is a company that provides high-quality proxy IP Serve. Through its excellent products and Servesupport, it provides users with a safer, more convenient and more efficient network access experience. The proxy IP provided by Smartproxy has a wide range of use scenarios and excellent performance, which can meet the various needs of different users。

Large number of available IP addresses for Smartproxy

Smartproxy proxy IP provides millions of IP addresses in more than 40 countryandarea worldwide, so users can choose any Location IP address according to their needs。

Smartproxy is highly anonymous

The proxy IP provided by Smartproxy can hide the real IP address of the user, and add additional security and anonymity through the multi-layer proxy server。

Smartproxy proxy IPspeedsuper fast

Smartproxy proxy IP has fast connection speed and response time, which is especially important for users who need high-speed access to websites。

Smartproxy proxy IPStablize performance and reliability

Smartproxy With a very powerful technical platform and load balancing system, it can ensure the highest level of Stablize performance and reliability. And Smartproxy provides 24/7 customer support to help users solve any problems that may arise。

Smartproxy Customizability

Smartproxy Provides a wealth of setting options, allowing users to customize configurations according to their needs.


5Smartproxy disadvantage

Although Smartproxy is an excellent proxy IP Serve provider, it still has the following disadvantages:

higher price

Smartproxy's Proxy IP Serve is relatively expensive compared to some of its competitors. This may be a financial burden for some users. , wasted a lot of time!

Traffic restrictions

Smartproxy There is a certain limit on the user's traffic use. If the limit is exceeded, additional fees may be charged or the access speed may be reduced.

may be banned

Smartproxy may be recognized and banned by websites for using proxy IP, so the proxy IP provided by Smartproxy may also be recognized and banned by some websites, which may cause inconvenience to data collection and other application scenarios。

A certain technical foundation is required

Smartproxy use proxy IP also requires a certain technical foundation, which may be difficult for some non-technical personnel. And when using Smartproxy, you also need to know how to configure the proxy, use related proxy software, etc.。

Overall, Smartproxy is an excellent proxy IP Serve provider with many users, but there are also some shortcomings. Users need to weigh its advantages and disadvantages before choosing use, and make decisions based on their actual needs and economic capabilities。

6common problem

You will encounter these problems while usingSmartproxy, and I will list a few for you, and you can consult it in my way!

Smartproxy Which protocols and Servetypes are supported?

Smartproxy support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocol,And support a variety of Servetypes, including tourism, e-commerce, social media, search engines, etc.。

How does Smartproxy cost?

Smartproxy provides a variety of packages for users to choose from. No, the price of the same package varies depending on the traffic limit and use period. Specific prices can be found on the official website。

Does Smartproxy offer a paid trial??

Yes, Smartproxy offers a 3-day paid trial, which is very friendly and convenient for new users。

Does Smartproxy have restrictions on the use of crawlers and robots??

Smartproxy No allows the abuse of proxy Serve, including but No limited to use proxy for brute force cracking, DDoS attacks and other illegal acts. If the user is found to have such behavior, the user's account will be banned and may be reported to local law enforcement agencies。

Does Smartproxy provide an API interface?

Yes, Smartproxy provides a complete API interface, which can quickly obtain and manage proxy IP addresses through the interface。

Whether Smartproxy supports HTTPS authentication?

Yes, Smartproxy supports HTTPS authentication, and all transmitted data is encrypted by SSL to ensure data security。

Smartproxy Evaluation Summary

Smartproxy It is a powerful and easy-to-use proxy server provider with hundreds of thousands of high-quality IP addresses, covering major regions and countries around the world. In the test, Smartproxy's speed performance is No wrong, the connection time is short, and it has low delay and high Stablize. No, in some Server and area, the connection speed may be slightly slower。

Smartproxy provides a wide range of geographic location coverage around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc., to meet users' various needs for IP address locations. The price of Smartproxy is relatively high compared to other proxy Serve providers, but it provides a variety of package options, including billing by traffic and billing by port, and it is aimed at ordinary users and enterprise users of the same target group。

Smartproxy supports multiple proxy protocols such as HTTP(S) and SOCKS5, providing more flexibility and customizable options to meet user-specific needs. Generally speaking, Smartproxy is a proxy server provider with powerful functions, easy to use, fast speed, high Stablize, and extensive geographic location coverage and API interface. Both developers and enterprise users can benefit from it and get the maximum value。